Patience is a virtue. If you think it is a virtue that you have, then you haven’t had a little puppy named Psycho.   Ever heard the saying, “You are given what you need?”.  Well, Penelope was what Kama needed.  High goals, and a “now, now” attitude gave her the puppy born to say “no”.  Penelope’s first year, Kama spent time learning patience. As she approached the 1 year mark, the lesson became learning patience for the trainer.  Patience with other dogs.  Patience with training.  Catch yourself fighting for “now”, training for “now”, wanting the result “now”, and STOP IT.  From this point forward, take time to enjoy the training journey, and the inherent patience one must posses in order to continue finding the will to take that one step further, that one leap higher, to kick in the afterburners to sprint that last stretch.


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